Lunt 100mm APO Universal Day & Night Use Modular Telescope (Basic Package)

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The New Lunt LS100MT Modular Telescope, featuring Best in Class Resolution and Professional Grade Optics Configuration

  • 7.1 Image Size
  • >.65a Bandpass (Single Stack)
  • >.45a Bandpass (Double Stack)- SFPT
  • Includes: 8″ Dovetail, New Red Dot Handle, Mounting Ring Assembly
  • Crayford focuser (Rack and Pinion and FeatherTouch upgrade available)
  • Use with: Hydrogen Alpha, CaK and White Light Filters, Standard Star Diagonal (night and terrestrial use)
  • 714 Focal Length
  • Triplet ED APO Refractor, FPL 53
  • F/7 Ratio
  • Weight: 12.7lbs

3 week lead time  



Lunt LS100MT Modular Telescope

All Lunt LS100MT Modular Telescopes  require a Lunt blocking filter for Day use.

Which blocking filter is right for you?
  • B1200 – for visual use
  • B1800 – for larger field of view and imaging applications
  • B3400 – for larger field of view and imaging applications with larger sensors

The B1200 and B1800 Diagonals can be ordered in standard (diagonal) or straight-thru. If you don’t designate which type you want in the notes field of check out, the default order will be for standard.

View the Universe through the Lunt LS100MT Modular Telescope, Day or Night!

LS100MT Modular Telescope

The LS100MT joins the Lunt Solar Systems New Modular Telescope line up, allowing you to enjoy the full range of Astronomical Observation with only one telescope. At 100mm aperture, the LS100MT is big enough to impress in any configuration, while remaining easily transportable for use during the day or night-Enjoy, prominences, surface granulation, active regions and filaments all with a quality telescope that Lunt Solar Systems is known for providing. And with our doppler true tuning pressure system (standard with all of our Modular Telescopes) you can make super fine adjustments in your tuning to delve into the Sun and bring out the absolute best views!

SFPT – Internal Double Stack Module for LS100MT

Double stacking provides a truly enhanced, high definition view of the Sun’s surface details. Notably, it lowers the bandpass of the system from <0.7 Angstrom to <0.5 Angstrom, which really makes the surface “pop”! The Lunt LS100MT can be internally double-stacked with the SFPT unit at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter.  The LS100MT telescope will need not to be returned to the factory for double-stacking.

LS100MT Nighttime Telescope

But dont fret once the Sun Sets; simply remove your Hydrogen Alpha module, and dive into the expanse of the night sky. Attach your night and terrestrial use backing plate and focuser (optional accessory, available in packages),  use your favorite standard star diagonal (optional accessory, available in packages) along with eyepiece of your choice, and let the Triplet ED APO Lens (FPL53) guide you across the milky way. With other options including White Light, Caclium K, and Terrestrial Applications, the LS100MT may never find its way back into its storage case!

Versatile Telescope

The LS100MT is truly a one stop telescope experience; easily configured between Hydrogen Alpha, Night Time, Terrestrial Uses, White Light, and Calcium K in minutes, the LS100MT is sure to never leave your telescope line up. The 100MT at its base (Telescope Only) will provide you with an out of this world Hydrogen Alpha experience, allowing for a <.7 angstrom bandpass in its single stack configuration. With its double stack module installed(the DSII/SFPT unit), it will provide a <.5 angstrom bandpass and allow the Sun’s phenomena to virtually leap off its surface in 3D effect.

True Doppler Tuning

Importantly, True Doppler Tuning allows for a shift into and away from the user, adding a 3-D like component to the viewing experience. To be sure, it has minimal effect on proms due to their location at the edge of the disk, but it does have an effect on filaments and likewise the active regions on the surface. Also while looking at a filament at the center of the Sun, the user has the ability to Doppler shift from the base of the filament to the tip.  In this way following the filament through its structure toward you and away from you.  Amazingly, this allowing for enhanced visual and imaging capability for the observer as well as a research tool for the avid hobbyist. In addition the pressure tuning system provides an order of magnitude more precision to the tuning of the desired features.

Want to accessorize? Take a look at our Lunt 100MT Starter Package
LS100MT Solar Telescope Specifications: (single stacked)
  • Optical Aperture: 100mm
  • Etalon: Internal <0.65 Angstrom (<0.5 Double Stacked with DSII/SFPT)
  • Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)
  • Focal Length: 714
  • F Ratio: F/7
  • B1200, B1800, or B3400 Blocking Filter
  • Focuser Options:
    • 2″ Feather-Touch Focuser with 10:1 reduction (Standard)
    • 2″ Rack & Pinion Focuser with 10:1 reduction (Optional)
  • Includes: 8″ Dovetail, New Red Dot Finder Handle, Mounting Ring Assembly, 2″ Feather Touch Focuser
  • Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
  • Weight: 12.7lbs
Optional Accessories
  • 2″ Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • Backing Plate and Focuser
  • Double Stack Module (DSII/SFPT)
  • Calcium K Module
  • White Light Filter
  • Standard Night Time Diagonal
  • .8x CAA Reducer/Field Flattener

The Lunt LS100MT is available for pre-order today.

Latest solar news from NASA.

1 review for Lunt 100mm APO Universal Day & Night Use Modular Telescope (Basic Package)

  1. James J Hudson

    Very, very happy with the scope – had never set up nor focused an Ha scope in my life and within 15 minutes of getting the mount on, I had the sun centered in the handle viewer, focused incl etalon, and there was a prominence at 2 o’clock with hints at granulation in the solar disc, This by a new user with a single stack, and just ‘average’ seeing ref

    Now its just a couple twists and once again I am accosting the general public “Hey you! Wanna look at the SUN!!!

    I waited all of six days to call Faye and order the double stack – after the wonders I’d seen, stopping short did not make sense. And yeah, this stuff is pricey but the toys I traded away are already forgotten against the enjoyment the scope has brought myself, my family, and many others.

    Plus how hard is this??? Its daylight, its warm, and your tan is looking pretty good!

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