Celestron OMNI CG-4 Telescope Mount and Tripod (Manual)


  • German Equatorial mount and tripod as supplied with all Omni XLT Series telescopes
  • Includes RA and DEC slow motion controls and setting circles
  • Tripod has adjustable height 1.75″ steel leg tripod with center brace/accessory tray
  • Two counterweights – 7 lbs and 4 lbs


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The Celestron CG-4 Equatorial mount is perfect for the everyday astronomer who is looking for a functional and stable mount. Sturdy, but also lightweight- this mount is perfect for traveling.  The mount itself has ball bearings on both axis points, allow for smooth manual tracking with included control cables. With adjustable stainless steel legs, from 33″ to 47″ tall, this mount is a one of the most popular entry level manual mount.

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