APM M82 Riccardi APO 0.75X Reducer


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APM-Riccardi Apo-Reducer / Flattener 0,75 x M82 large

Our new reducer, calculated and designed from Riccardi

Massimo Riccardi, famous optical designer from Italy, designed for APM-Telescopes a new 3 element 0.75 x Apo-Reducer/Flattener Corrector for all TMB-APM-LZOS Apochromatic Telescopes. Tests show that it also works on Apos from other manufacturers as well. The reducer shortens the focal length by a quarter and corrects the image circle – thereby converting your telescope into a fast astrograph!

The connection to your telescope and camera occurs over an M82 x 1 thread. For the correct adjustment of the reducer/flatener we can offer you an adjustment flange.

Usually, the reducer is screwed onto the focuser. The reducer can also be installed inside the focuser barrel, if the free aperture is larger than 90 mm.

You can find the correct backfocus for your telescope in the enclosed PDF chart (see below). The total optical path of reducer plus backfocus plus focus change is between about 185 mm and 210 mm.

The illumination and correction are made for chips up to full format.

You can find the correct adapter for your telescope camera combination in the enclosed PDF graphic (RiccardiAdaption.pdf).

Delivery contents

  • Reducer
  • 2 Dustcaps


Connection: M82 x 1 mm
Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Housing Material: Aluminum
Lenses: 3
Optical Length less Collimating Flange: 196.7 mm
Optical Length with Collimating Flange: 207.7 mm
Corrected FOV: 52 mm
Weight: 35.1 oz


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