APM Deluxe 2″/1.25″ Eyepiece Adapter


Connection: 1.25″ and T2

Length: 40mm

Tube Insertion Depth: 28mm


Delivery: 2-3 Weeks Lead Time

In stock


The APM Deluxe Eyepiece Adapter 2″/1.25″ is the perfect accessory for the telescope of your choosing.

The main barrel of the Deluxe Eyepiece Adapter fits into the 2″ opening of a focuser, providing a standard 1.25″ opening for the eyepiece or accessory of choice.

The eyepiece end of the adapter features a self centering brass collar that is superior to a normal single screw brass compression ring. By turning the upper collar, the compression ring is adjusted and will hold your accessory evenly from all sides.  The deluxe clamp’s mechanism assures your compression does not jam or become distorted, and helps with correct alignment and centering of eyepieces and camera accessories alike.

The end of the adapter offers M48 threading to use with 2″ filters, while the collar can be unscrewed to reveal T2 threading for direct mounting of cameras or extension accessories to the barrel.


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