APM 90 Degree L-Bracket with 3 Inch Mounting Plate


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  • L-bracket with 3 Inch dovetail bar (Losmandy)


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APM 90° L-bracket for mounts with lateral quick coupling

The L-bracket / 90 ° bracket is suitable for mounting APM binoculars or telescopes on mounts with side quick coupling capablilities. The stable construction with solid connection plate allows for torsion-free adaptation of binoculars.

The side-mounted 3-inch Losmandy dovetail with various holes allows secure attachment to the mount.

Examples of mounts:

  • Synscan AZ-Goto Mount
  • APM AZ-MaxLoad  Mount
  • GSO AZ- Swivel Mount
  • Losmandy AZ8

 Instruments for which the L-bracket is suited:

  • All APM Grossfeld Binoculars
  • Binoculars up to 110mm


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