APM 80mm 90 Degree Erect Image Finder Scope


Delivery contains:

  • Finderscope 80 mm
  • Finderbracket with Universal base
  • 1.25″ 90° erect image prism


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APM 80mm 90° Erect Image Finder Scope 

This large high quality APM 80 mm Finder Scope comes with a new Universal Base with a wider contact surface. The included 90° prism provides an upright and un-reversed image and can be used with any 1 1/4″ eyepiece – such as APM’s optional cross hair eyepieces or can be utilized as a guiding scope. The optics of the finder and its prism are multi-coated.



Connection to eyepiece: 1 1/4″
Connection to telescope: Finder bracket with Quick Clamp
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Housing material: Aluminium
Aperture: 80 mm
Magnification: Varies with Eyepiece
Lenses: 2 Lenses
Optical design: Achromat
Type of viewfinder: 90° Finder Scope
Focal length: 330 mm
Length: 340 mm
Diameter: 85 mm
Accessory: incl. Bracket and Quick Clamp
Weight: 49.3 oz.


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