APM 60mm Image Master Mini Guiding Scope- Deluxe Finder Scope


Delivery contents

  • 60mm Guiding Scope/Finder Scope
  • Tube/Guiding Cradle Rings
  • Dovetail


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APM Image Master Mini Guiding Scope 60 mm – Deluxe Finder Scope

The compact lightweight mini Telescope – perfect for guiding, searching or spotting

This small telescope is specially made as guiding telescope for Auto-guiding purposes (for example with the M-Gen) but is also perfect as a finder or little rich field telescope.

The focuser is a precise helical type with a millimeter scale and 8 mm focusing travel, with a max backfocus of 20mm

  • Precise helical focuser
  • T2 thread
  • Locking screw at focuser
  • Guiding cradle rings with dovetail
  • For all 1.25″ eyepieces (straight)


Type of telescope: Achromat Refractor
Lens: Achromat
Color: black / white
Tube material: Aluminium
Aperture: 60 mm
Focal ratio: f/4
Focal length: 240 mm
Coating: Multi-coated
Backfocus: 20 mm
Focuser: Helical Focuser with 8 mm Travel
Connection to eyepiece: 1.25″
Tube diameter: 63 mm
Length during observing: 252 mm
Dewcap diameter: 72 mm
Included accessories: Tube rings and Dovetail Rail
Total weight: ca. 1.2 lb


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