APM 330mm Losmandy Compatible Mounting Plate



  • Sloped ends allow sliding the plate into the dovetail clamp easily
  • Massive aluminum, 12.5 mm thick
  • No sharp edges
  • Extra wide (101.5mm) upper surface for large tube rings or cameras

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The APM-MP330-3 Mountingplate is a Losmandy compatible dovetail rail with flat surface.

This solidly crafted mounting plate holds even the heaviest of telescopes without bending.  As its body contains multiple bore and thread holes, it is extremely versatile in its use! Its wide variety of access points lends to varied options it can be utilized with; from your favorite telescope or its tube rings, to even cameras!

The APM-MP330-3 Mountingplate fits i.e. to the following mounts:

  • All mounts with Losmandy compatible quick release head
  • Losmandy GM8, G-11, Titan
  • Celestron CGEM, CGEM-DX, CGE Pro
  • Skywatcher EQ6, AZ-EQ6, EQ6-R, EQ8



Slotted hole 2+3:
19mm from center line – 25mm long
5x centric, 2 pairs with 22.5 space, 1 pair with 38mm space
M6 thread bores:
3x cemtric, 2 pairs with 35 mm space, 3 pairs with 24 mm space
Slotted hole 1:
centric 100mm
Total length:
ca. 900g


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