APM 2″ Quick Lock adapter for focuser with M68 OD Thread


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  • Adapter 2″/M68a


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The new Q-Lock eyepiece clamp from APM is a solid and high-quality extension of your telescope or camera system. The unique, coaxial clamping mechanism always keeps your accessories safe and tilt free!

The 120°-angled pressure cylinders fix the connected accessories over 3 points, ensuring they are secured safely and correctly. Even heavier accessories will held securely!

The rotating sleeve has 90 degrees of movement from its open position to its maximum pressure; the holding force therefore can be finely adjusted, so that even sensitive accessories are optimally protected per your discretion. The large locking screw can also be used to adjust for friction and clamp adjustment. This quality mechanism runs completely backlash-free; APM’s Quick Lock Adapter is a high quality product at an amazingly low price!



Connecting thread: M68 OD Thread
Connection to eyepiece: 2″


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