APM 2″ Coma-Correcting 1.5x Telecentric Barlow


Technical Details:

  • 1.5x Magnification
  • Coma Correction
  • M54 x .75 Male Thread
  • M48 x .75 Female Thread (Eyepiece/CCD Side)
  • Telecentric Design with 4 Lenses

Delivery Includes:

  • APM Telecentric Barlow with 2″ Eyepiece Adapter

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APM’s 2″ Coma-Correcting Telescentric 1.5x Barlow was designed by well known physicist and optical designer Phillipp Keller, after multiple requests by APM customers.

The Telecentric 4 lens design allows for the end user to simply insert the eyepiece into the adapter sleeve and automatically achieve the optimal distance, without need for adjustments individually in each eyepiece.

This Barlow was designed to yield a large back focus, so that it can be used as an optical glass path corrector with coma-correct effecting when combined with your favorite BinoViewers. This large back focus allows for the use of an off-axis guider/Filter/CCD to take photographs with large and full format chips.

  • Works as optical path corrector 1.5 x for bino-viewers
  • large imaging field for full format chips
  • 100 % illuminated Image Circle : 30 mm diameter
  • Outward focus shift: 96 mm
  • Distance end M54 Thread to Focus: 95 mm

Technical Data

Coating: Fully Multi-coated
Filter Thread:  2″
Magnification:  1.5 x
Optical design:  2 achromatic lenses
Back-focus:  105 mm (from center last lens)
Fully corrected field:  44 mm
Fully illuminated field:  30 mm


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