APM 2″ Barlow


Delivery contains:

  • Barlow Element with 2″ Tube
  • Dustcaps
  • Packaging


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The APM 2″ Barlow is the counterpart of APM’s famed 1.25″ 2x/1.5x Barlow Lens, well known for its design and craftsmanship! Both lenses are fully multicoated for the best possible contrast and light transmission.

The lenses have a diameter of 37mm, allowing you even use 2″ wide Angle Eyepieces without vignetting.


Additional Uses:

With a 2″ Extension tube (50mm) you will be able to attain a magnification of 2.7x, compared to an eyepiece without the Barlow. You will be able to turn a 30mm wide angle eyepiece into an 11mm wide angle eyepiece with comfortable eye relief.

Remove the black anodized lens cell from the barlow lens and screw it directly into your eyepiece to attain a magnification of 1.5x


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