APM 100mm 45° Semi APO Binoculars

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  • High-quality, doublet primary optics
  • BAK-4 prism system
  • High-quality multi-coating of all optical components
  • Variable magnification by changing eyepieces

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Product Quantity

APM 15 mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece, 65° field of view, barrel size 1.25"


APM Red Dot Finder (metal)


APM Fork Mount for Pro Series Binoculars


APM hard shell case for 120mm binoculars 90 degrees


Solar Filter Set SF100 (Euro EMC) for APM 120mm Binoculars




With nearly 4 inches of aperture on each side, you’ll be immersed in viewing areas of very interesting objects and details. Our 100mm binoculars are aimed at dedicated amateur astronomers and semi-professional nature observers.

These binoculars allow, for example, a very detailed observation of the moon as well as diving into foggy regions, star clusters and the observation of distant planets. Thanks to the excellent, apochromatic SD glass optics, the objects are displayed pin sharp and with high contrast. This class of device can still be mounted on photo tripods (strongly recommended) and is equipped with a sturdy transport handle. Due to the eyepiece change, these binoculars are much more flexible than fixed magnification models. The entire case construction is solid and durable.

Our 100 binocular series offers a very good price-performance ratio and will accompany you reliably for many years! The 90° version can also be used with very high objects and is easy to operate.

  • High-quality, apochromatic SD primary optics
  • BAK-4 prism system
  • High-quality multi-coating of all optical components
  • Variable magnification by changing eyepieces
  • Stable housing
  • Weatherproof, nitrogen filled
  • Universal 1.25″ eyepiece holder with single eyepiece focusing
  • Extendable dew shields
  • Photo tripod connection
  • 23x Magnification with Included UF 24mm Eyepieces

Technical Data

In the Box

  • 100mm binoculars 45°
  • 1 set (2) of 24mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepieces
  • Carrying handle and photo tripod adapter
  • Packaging
  • Lens and eyepiece caps

1 review for APM 100mm 45° Semi APO Binoculars

  1. Christopher Purdy (verified owner)

    First light with the APM 100 45 Degree Semi Apo’s tonight. A bit of background – I did order the 160X Collimation service as I am very sensitive to collimation. I also picked up the red-dot finder which is very nice and solid as well. For reference, I live under Bortle 5/6 skies with aggressive streetlights in front of my house.

    It took a little over 1 month for them to arrive from the time I ordered them – as they are drop shipped from APM in Germany. Lunt’s tech’s wrapped up the collimation very quickly, so they didn’t sit idle and were on their way to me very quickly after Lunt had possession.

    Focusers are smooth and have just enough resistance to assure there is no focus creep while not being overly hard to turn. EP clamps are also quite serviceable and seem solid. I don’t have a lot of experience with rotating clamp EP holders – I have used Baader Click-lock and that system seems similar, although the APMs require additional rotation to get a firm hold.

    Very, very good images – I used 19mm Pan’s and after getting used to the balance on my tripod (these are very heavy, so you will need heavy fluid damping and good clutches – I’m using a Manfrotto video head) was having an amazing view. No chromatic aberration was seen even on bright stars (Vega, Polaris).. field seems very good edge to edge. I also slipped an 8mm Delos into one side to see how the image held up and it was very good again. I will likely buy a matching 8mm Delos as my Planetary pair.

    Swung over to Jupiter – excellent as well. Very well presented with good contrast in spite of a nearly full moon. Bands clearly visible as are the moons. I would say that “Semi-APO” is accurate. Just a hint of a faint purple halo around Jupiter, but not glaring or detracting from the view. I also own a Televue TV85 and TV101 and compared to them, the presentation is very similar, just a hint less contrast, and obviously the TV full APO scopes have zero Chromatic aberration. I would say the APM’s are 80-90% of the quality of the TV’s for much less money.

    A note about the 45 Degree version. I purchased this for both terrestrial and astronomy use. If you have neck issues, I would recommend getting the 90 Degree version. At/Near Zenith, I can definitely feel the stretch in my neck looking up at the severe angle. Luckily, I don’t have neck issues, but for those that do – this would be a deal breaker.

    All-in-All these are EXTREMELY solidly built and you will need a very solid mount. I also recommend a good viewing chair – I use a catsperch and its a perfect combination.

    I would very much recommend these – combined with the collimation service as I’ve read mixed reviews of Bino’s holding collimation straight from APM.

    Lastly – I didn’t order the case with mine – which was a mistake. You don’t realize how big these are until you get them.. I had figured I would just use an Apache case from Harbor Freight, but they don’t make one large enough. So – Definitely get the case!

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