3.5″ Adapter for Takahashi TOA 130/FS 152 Telescopes


Known To Fit

  • Takahashi TOA 130/FS152

Use with

  • FTF3545-BA

Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube

  • M155X1

Available on backorder


Scope specific tube adapter to attach 3.5″ Feather Touch focuser onto Takahashi TOA130 or FS152 telescopes

The 3.5″ Feather Touch is actually bigger than the 4.0″ Takahashi stock focuser, this is because the 4.0″ measurement from the Takahashi stock focuser is the outside diameter and the 3.5″ measurement from the Feather Touch is the inside diameter.

It is machined of the highest quality aluminum, and finished in our shop, keeping the same beautiful look and high precision quality that Starlight Instruments is known for.

Use with focuser FTF3545B-A

The photo of the 2 telescopes with Feather Touch focusers is courtesy of Bill McLaughlin


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