2.0″ Parallizer Eyepiece Centering Adapter


Known To Fit

  • Any 2″ Feather Touch SCT adapter

Use with

  • 2″ accessory


 Introducing the SCT Parallizer®. This new application of Howie Glatter’s patented Parallizer® principle raises the bar for performance.  The 2” holder works just like clamping a cylinder in a v-block.

      The SCT Parallizer allows for consistent repeatable performance with no possibility of wiggle.  This adapter comes with a non-marring clamp screw which lock accessories and imagaing equipment securely and has repeat alignment guaranteed within 15 arc seconds.

      This adapter has a dovetail flange which connects to one of our SCT adapters via set screws or thumb screws can be used.

        The SCT Parallizer® is a collaboration of Howie Glatter & Starlight Instruments.


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