Night Products

There is a misconception that “the bigger the aperture the better”. Solar viewing is done during the day and can be done from just about anywhere. High humidity, thermals, smog, and low elevation all take a toll on large aperture telescopes. It is often true that under typical seeing conditions a medium sized OTA will outperform a large OTA most of the time. The large OTA will suffer more than a medium scope due to less than good skies.

However, the large OTA will provided far more detail and magnification during great seeing conditions. If you intend to view in a area that has great seeing conditions then you are not restricted by Aperture, therefore, a larger Aperture OTA is probably the right choice.

If you intend to view in an area of less than ideal conditions you may want to take that into consideration.

We find that the Lunt 80mm is best suited to average seeing conditions.

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