Large Format Series

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APM Large Format Binoculars are among the most powerful binoculars in the world.
Extremely large diameters of 120-150mm and the world class high-resolution optics with state-of-the-art broadband multi-coatings guarantee extremely bright and sharp images with which every fine detail can be observed.
The high-quality Extra Low Dispersion ED Glass FK-61 reduces the  residual color errors to an absolute minimum.
The extremely precise focus adjustment also allows for high magnification eyepieces which pair well with the excellent resolution.

With a Large Format Binocular you can readily observe gaseous objects and galaxies with stunning detail. Larger star clusters are resolved into their single stars.
Large Format Binoculars have proven that faint celestial objects will appear much brighter and with higher contrast than a conventional telescope will with the same objective size.

Particularly attractive during observations is the use of  additional filters for objects such: The Orion Nebula, Cirrus Nebula, or the Dumbbell Nebula.
You can also create a virtual 3D effect, e.g. recognize in lunar observations.

These binoculars are Waterproof and Weatherproof and therefore ideally suitable for any and all outdoor use.

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