Lunt Solar and our new Website

On November 12th Lunt Solar Systems will be taking its new website live.

I know that most of you are thinking that it is about time. I couldn’t agree with you more.

The new launch will coincide with another very exciting announcement. As a result, Lunt Solar and it’s products will be recieving some significant media attention. At the moment this other announcement has to be kept under wraps, but I assure you, it will be worth the visit.

The new website will be far more of a monthly magazine with focus on Solar events and activities. We are introducing an interactive community area and are looking forward to having editorials and blogs from customers and solar enthusiasts. We certainly hope that you will check back often and will participate.
Our goal in 2010 will be to introduce and develop an educational and learning source that will provide resources to all ages for everything Solar.

We are just finishing up our Live Solar feed in both Hydrogen-alpha and CaK, and although we anticipate being able to begin the live feed on Monday, November 2nd, we will bide our time and wait for the new site.

In addition to the above, Lunt Solar is going digital. We will be teaching ourselves the imaging process. I will be blogging our successes and failures, and I hope that very soon we can begin to provide a diary of images of the Sun’s growing activity toward Solar Maximum. (we may need just a little help along the way).

Soooo, put your thinking caps on and type a few paragraphs for the new blogs. We would be interested in upcoming events, outreach activities, and anything solar related..

We also need you images for our upcoming new gallery. Please submit your images to Include a brief description of what equipment was used and how, where it was taken, and the name of the person to thank. Images of people looking thru and using solar equipment are also welcome.

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