Professional Observatories

Turn-key Observatories

With a turn-key optical ground station (OGS), you get a fully mobile system with minimal set-up time. The OGS can house optics up to 1 meter diameter.

Professional Telescopes

Telescope systems – Custom Solutions.

Mirror Systems

Free form surfaces like off-axis parabolas as well as more complicated shapes.

RC Telescopes

Wide field of view and free of optical errors.

Cassegrain Telescopes

Primary concave mirror and a secondary convex mirror.

Large Apo Refractors

Better correction of chromatic and spherical aberration than the much more common achromat lenses.

Large Binocular Telescopes

Top of the line color correction, contrast and transmission.

Wide-Field Telescopes

Fast, high resolution wide field pictures of the night sky.

CCD Cameras

The imagers of choice for Solar imaging.


Field Flatteners, Reducers.

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