Image thru Un-obstructed LS75F

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Savio was kind enough to send in an image taken thru one of the special edition single stack LS75F’s.
The image was taken via one of David Leong’s 15 year old students, and although the filter had only just arrived, the initial shots are very good. I am looking forward to seeing just how good these images will get after a little practive with the filter..
The image was taken the the Lunt 75F mounted on a TMB 80-480 with 2X Barlow, and a DMK21AU04.AS
Unfortunately we sold out of these special edition 75s. There has been many querries for doublestacking the several we sold, and from people who have recently heard about the filters and were looking for availability..
Lunt Solar will be offering limited edition filters throughout the year. These filters will be announced in the upcoming community area of the website (coming next week). Our next special will certainly be a popular one. But, once their gone, their are gone.. At this time there are no plans to release the LS75F Un-obstructed as a standard product and we are not accepting orders for future limited runs 😉
I will be updating the status on the much anticipated LS152T later this week…