Choosing the right Eyepiece for your Solar Telescope

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Choosing the right eyepiece will determine what you will see when looking at the Sun. This video will help you to determine that right eyepiece for you.

Hi, I am Faye Roman your Lunt Solar Systems customer service representative. We want to talk about eyepieces today. Now Lunt Solar offers a full range of eyepieces, both fixed and Zoom. Our fixed eyepieces start at the 8mm size, go on up to 12, 16, 19, and 27 mm. Our zoom eyepiece is a variable from 7 to 21mm, giving you an all-in-one way to try basically all of our eyepieces.

If you prefer fixed eyepieces for viewing we definitely have you covered. Now if you’re going with an LS 50 telescope you want to do something from the 12mm 16mm or 19 millimeter size. The reason for this is the 8mm will get you a little too close up, 27mm will be a little too far out and not really give you desirable views.

Now the  LS60 and the LS80 actually have the same range for these fixed eyepieces. You can use the 6, 12, 16, or 19 to get different results and magnification all with enjoyable views. The LS100 and 152 can actually explore the full range of our eyepieces. They have the largest image size as we offer so you can go anywhere from the 8mm on up to the 27mm and have different views while still resolving great detail.

Now one of our shining stars in the eyepiece line is actually our Zoom eyepiece. Now this has a variable from 7 to 21 millimeters. It’s also optimize with anti reflective coatings. Some of the telescopes will come with the zoom eyepiece and we’ve had a lot of great feedback from customers