Choosing a Solar Telescope Depending on your Seeing Conditions

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Choosing the solar telescope that is right for you depends partially upon the seeing conditions that are most prevalent in your area.  Therefore, if you live near the water, you may want a scope with an aperture of 80mm or less.  This video will help you decide what’s right for you.

Lunt Solar offers a full range of scopes from the 50 mm aperture all the way up to the 152mm aperture. Now if you’re looking for a scope that you can use almost daily, we recommend sticking with an 80mm or below; meaning the 80mm, 60mm, or 50mm. The reason being is that the aperture is large enough to see the detail but is not hindered by high clouds or humidity. Once you get into the 100 or the 152 you will want to take that into account. Now if you live in one of those areas it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it it just means that it might be fewer days in between that you can. It’ll still offer your great views in great conditions