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2016 Summer Image Contest

2016 Summer Image Contest

Summer is our favorite time of year here at Lunt Solar. The temperatures rise and the days last longer making it possible to enjoy being outside.  This year we’ve decided to start the buzz early with a Summer Image Contest! We will accept any image taken by a Lunt product.  Full disk-images, closeups, Hydrogen Alpha,…

60mm Solar Telescope OTA 2016 Summer Image Contest

Grand Prize Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Lunt Solar GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY is The Sandy Astronomical Society!!!  🙂 This small group of astromony enthusiasts are committed to helping people get more into the hobby of astronomy.  They share their knowledge and equipment with their community to include the Cub Scouts, Beaver and Girl Guides as well as with the local…

February Winners -

February Winners

Congratulations to our lucky February winners.  They were: J. Pelletier R. Donnelly J. Suntinger B. Odelberg B. Tracy Make sure to enter in March!  While there is no giveaway prize for March, it is your last chance to get your name in the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE Giveaway taking place at NEAF 2016!

Lunt Solar in World News!

Lunt Solar in World News!

Click here to watch a video taken by a TV channel in Denmark about an inauguration party for a LS152THa at a school in their area. It’s in Danish, but the reveal is pretty special! Proud to be all over the world!

Lunt 19mm Flat-Field Eyepiece main

January Winners

Our lucky January Giveaway winners were: B. Edelen S. Dal Pra Keep entering each month for a chance to win another great prize and to be entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway!  That’s only 2 short months away!

LS60THa Lunt Solar Telescope 60mm

Grand Prize – Drawing held at NEAF 2016

Back in November 2015 we started the Lunt Monthly Giveaway.  Each month we have you send in our promo code with a chance to win a monthly prize.  We also enter your name into our Grand Prize Drawing! Lunt Solar is proud to announce that this year’s Grand Prize will be an LS60THa/B600C/PT.  We are also providing…

LS60THa PT Lunt Solar Telescope

December Winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the December giveaway. We had several hundred entries and the winning people are: R. McConnell R. Bell J. Kurtz J. Baeseman Everyone who entered in December is eligible for the GRAND prize giveaway at NEAF in April 2016. The grand prize is will be announced in the January newsletter. Enter every month (no…

The Transit of Mercury

Where will you be for the Mercury Transit? When: Monday, May 9th 2016 Where: The above map outlines the areas of the world where the Transit will be visible. (courtesy of Fred Espenak)For more information about the Transit of Mercury from Fred Espenak (Mr. Eclipse) visit: This event will be the Transit of Mercury…

LS50THa Lunt Solar Telescope

In Stock Items – December Special: Free Shipping

It’s that time of year again!  So, to make your purchasing decision a little easier we have listed of all of our current in-stock items. When you purchase one of the listed in-stock items your shipping is free (in the continental United States only).  Whether it’s a telescope, the latest and greatest SUNocular or some accessories we…

Lunt Instagram Lifestyle Image w: Actors Lenses

Lunt is Hiring

Lunt is currently hiring for the following positions: Outside sales person. Optical/Mechanical Technician. Machine shop coordinator. For more information on these openings please contact Nicolas Lopez at for more information. Openings will be updated on a weekly basis.

November Winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the November giveaway. We had several hundred entries and the winning people are: J. Frazier G. Hutton R. Sandler You will be receiving an e-mail shortly that will contain the redemption information. Everyone who entered in November is eligible for the GRAND prize giveaway at NEAF 2016. What the…

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